Organisation of IGRC2014

The IGRC2014 is held under the auspices of International Gas Union (IGU).

It is the 14th in this series of conferences held since 1980. IGRC is the globally most recognised gas research conference and attracts gas company executives, researchers and others from all over the world.

The conference is governed by the IGU Executive Committee (IGU EXC) under the chairmanship of the IGU President. IGU EXC establishes the overall conference policies and goals.

The conference technical programme is developed by the IGU Programme Committee F for Research, Development and Innovation (IGU PGC F) under the chairmanship of Jack Lewnard, Chesapeake Utilities, US.

See the list of IGU PGC F committee members.

IGRC2014 is hosted by Danish Gas Technology Center (DGC) acting on behalf of the Danish Gas Association (Danish IGU charter member).

A Danish National Organising Committee (NOC) has been established under the chairmanship of Peter A. Hodal, Vice President, Conference Director is Peter I. Hinstrup, Senior Consultant, Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC). Members of the NOC represent the owners of DGC. The NOC has the task of planning and carrying out IGRC2014.

The NOC is assisted by the professionel conference organiser DIS Congress Service.

To help spread information about IGRC2014 and assist in the planning process a global network of “IGRC2014 Ambassadors” has been established.
See the list of invited ambassadors